Perfect Green Tea Blend Before Bed – High Antioxidants & Low Caffeine

If you are like me and enjoy having a cup of tea in the evening before bed, but don’t want to be wired and up all night, I have found a solution.

If I were to recommend a tea to you before bed that has reduced caffeine and still enough of the catechin antioxidants for the health benefits to still be there, I would say Salada Decaf Green Tea. It isn’t a super popular green tea, but it is great because I read a study that compared caffeine in green tea to catechin (antioxidant) concentration, and of all the decaf green teas, this one had one of the lowest caffeine contents (3.8mg/100mL) AND surprisingly it still maintained some of it’s antioxidants. This is great considering most decaf green tea’s don’t have the same antioxidant effects.

If you don’t care about the antioxidant effect and are just looking at which green tea has the absolute lowest amount of caffeine, I would recommend Celestial Seasoning Decaf Green Tea, as it only contains 0.7mg/100 mL of caffeine.

Keep in mind that regular, non-decaf green tea has between 20-80 mg/100mL of caffeine, so both of these options are great alternatives.