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Who Are Our Readers?

Green Tea Benefits has become a leading blog on how to leverage the power of green tea for your overall health. This website ranks well in search engines and attracts a readership who are interested in:

  • Tea
  • Learning more about green tea/nutrition
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  • Healthy Living
  • Relaxation
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  • Nutrition

Great Statistics!

Green Tea Benefits Achieved an alexa ranking of 70 K (Canada) within 4 months due to search engine optimization techniques and keyword ranking strategies.

Here are some of our statistics from the month of June (2013)

Number of Hits – 1,157 (2.64 visits/visitor)

Pages Views – 7,149 (6.16 Pages/ Visits)

Hits – 14,375 (12.42 Hits/Visits)

The readers enjoy this site so much that, according to AwStats 17.6% of people spend 1+ hours on Green Tea Benefits! That can add up to a lot of exposure time for your company, brand or website!!

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